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Impact Humanity for the Better, with Energy


Create long-term value and profitability for all stakeholders, including our people, our communities, our partners, and ourselves

We were founded in 1934, beginning as a modest, family-owned and -operated regional exploration company in East Texas. Today, we remain family-owned and -operated, with a significant presence across the globe, capable of operating across the energy spectrum anywhere in the world.

While our roots will always be in exploration and production, we are also focused on a multitude of energy technologies that we believe will play important roles as the world transitions to a greater use of sustainable and renewable energy, while still relying on traditional energy sources for the foreseeable future.

This is why we remain active and engaged across the energy spectrum, including international exploration and production, refining, power infrastructure, and new energy technologies such as the development of perovskites in the manufacture of solar cells and the deployment of energy storage and batteries in our electric grid.

Message from our Leaders

Our focus has been and always will be on developing energy resources with as minimal environmental and safety risk as possible. Simply put, our approach to sustainable growth is propelled by our purpose to impact humanity for the better, with energy, in all we do.

Through the different actions presented in this report, you’ll learn about our commitment to meeting the energy needs of society responsibly by doing the right thing for our people, partners, and the communities in which we operate. Upholding, promoting, and honoring human rights across our operations is a top priority and is evidenced by our companywide programs that maintain a safe, inclusive, and respectful work environment through the creation of jobs and sourcing of local suppliers, and by investing in social programs that align with local priorities and needs of communities we engage.

We are proud of our people who are committed to the betterment of our company, our society, and our planet through the work they do each and every day. The purpose of our annual environmental, social and governance (ESG) report is to transparently share this good work with our stakeholders and utilize it as a tool for continuous improvement. As you read our report, you’ll learn about sustainable development highlights from the past year and some of the ways we continue to address the ESG issues of global interest through our operations along with our contributions to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). We do this by defining ESG through the lens of people, planet, and direction.

Mark Gunnin, CEO

Hunt Oil Company

Hunter Hunt, CEO

Hunt Energy

Below are a few highlights of the work we accomplished in 2022 that reinforce our commitment to the global sustainability effort:

  • From 2021 to 2022, we reduced flaring in our South American operation by 56% and globally by 32%. This reduction continues our overall downward trend in flaring, with a 53% global reduction since a 2019 peak.
  • Hunt recognizes that diversity and inclusion among our workforce is essential to sparking innovation and problem solving. In 2022, we launched an annual speaker series focused on topics around diversity and inclusion, hosting live discussions with rotating subject matter specialists and industry experts on a quarterly basis. We also continued our inclusive leadership program to train our leaders on how to create and promote an inclusive environment in the workplace. The program lasts one year, and we are currently on our fourth cohort of participants.
  • To maintain good relationships and build trust within the communities where we work, we continued to partner with community organizations and local populations to address their main needs in the areas in which we operate. These partnerships help create social investment programs that are tailored specifically to each community we engage. In 2022, some of these programs and partnerships led to the improvement of several water sources for human consumption and irrigation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the promotion of
    education programs for various schools in remote communities of Peru, and the improvement of green recreation areas for children and their families in Romania.

Hunt's Core Values

Our Core Values drive everything we do, and are fundamental to our success.


Treating all people with dignity and embracing diversity of thought


Not thinking less of yourself but thinking more of others


Solutions that benefit the greater good


We are better together


Using intellectual curiosity to innovate and design