Work session at Hunt Energy campus in Dallas, Texas

We recognize that a significant amount of a person’s waking hours are spent at work, so we do our part to make sure that time is meaningful and fruitful by implementing the following processes and initiatives:

Recruitment Process

Our process focuses on identifying the most suitable candidates for accomplishing the Company’s short-term goals and long-term strategy while always staying aligned with Hunt’s Core Values.

A Workplace for Us

Created in 2018, “A Workplace for Us” is designed to provide employees with flexibility for a work/life balance. This program includes flexible schedules, 9/80 shifts, Work-from-Home options, and enhanced Paid Time Off hours.

Frequent Feedback

Through our “Check-In Process”, employees are given the opportunity to clarify roles and responsibilities based on the job descriptions the company has for each position, discuss current and future priorities, review goals and receive feedback on performance.

Engaged Workforce

Employee Engagement surveys are conducted regularly to gauge employee sentiment. Action plans are designed to continue to enhance the employee experience. Decisions are made with employees’ best interest in mind. Respect for the Individual is more than just words; it is who we are and how we function.

Performance Management

Conducted annually, managers rate and review each employee. Calibrations and technical reviews are conducted to ensure accuracy and fairness exists across the organization.

Global Collaboration

Organizational design has enhanced our ability to work across regions and without silos. We use tools to collaborate effectively so innovative ideas can be cultivated and designed.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Our Human Resources Business Partners work with executives to determine current and future workforce needs. We consistently have discussions on competencies needed now and in the future to help the organization achieve its goals.

Talent Review

Twice per year, leaders discuss skills, talents, capabilities, and competencies of all individuals within their respective departments. This discussion may lead to stretch assignments, international opportunities, rotation of job functions to expand breadth and depth of knowledge.

Succession Planning

Reviewed annually, each senior leader identifies future leaders. Development plans are created, and additional coaching and training are identified to accelerate growth and capabilities.


COVID-19 Response 2020

Protecting Hunt's work environment

Hunt Energy has continually assessed the public health situation related to the ongoing health pandemic since the beginning of 2020, and our response remains focused on protecting the health and welfare of our people.

In accordance with CDC guidelines, we have implemented specific procedures and protocols to reduce the risk of infection for our employees and their families.

An executive committee, led by Ray Hunt, Hunter Hunt, and Chris Kleinert, was established in February 2020 with other executives and specialists from across the organization and its global offices to provide the leadership and direction to establish comprehensive response plans and detailed workplace protocol.

Actions developed in response to the pandemic include

The COVID-19 pandemic presented a diverse set of risks and challenges, forcing us to adapt quickly to dynamic and unprecedented circumstances. Effective emergency response is part of our culture, focusing first and foremost on our people. Before the crisis developed into a pandemic, we assembled a corporate response team to manage the risk associated with COVID-19 and protect our workers, contractors, and communities. This team also developed plans and protocols to ensure safe and effective operations.

Immediate upport to working remote and social distancing in essential work locations:
  • Given the threat COVID-19 poses to our people, we encouraged employees to work remotely when the job could be done off-site without disruption to the flow of work
  • Employees received office supplies, IT hardware, and central system access, based on their specific role, to immediately begin the transition to working from home
  • Training sessions focused on Working-from-Home included technical support and guidance related to physical and mental health, personal and family safety, and new protocol and policies that provided flexibility in how people interact in order to reduce the risk of infection
  • To reduce the risk of infection among those who had to carry out work in the company’s facilities, adaptations were made in the work environments that allowed social distancing, reduced rooms capacities, and other best practices dealing with COVID-19
Adapting rapidly to a Work-from-Home model took great effort, and our IT team delivered a quick and effective response that kept our employees safe and maintained operations through unprecedented times.
  • Tested Work-from-Home practices
  • Assembled and distributed IT assets
  • Added to our IT Work-from-Home resources
  • Supported our transition through Hunt Tech Concierge services
  • Moved training to virtual sessions – providing learning opportunities on Microsoft Teams and various tools providing innovation and efficiencies across the organization
Numerous letters from the Hunt family and other formal communications were written regularly to inform team members and their families on the measures taken by the Company to reduce infection risk and protect our employees.
  • Coronavirus Briefs – A biweekly Information brief for all Hunt Employees, which included information from an outside medical advisor
  • Pause for Positivity – Facilitated sessions where employees can take 30 minutes of their day to fill their heart and mind with some positive inspiration (12 sessions)
  • WOHO Community – Creation of our internal communication hub on Yammer focused on Work-from-Home (WOHO) life and allowed employees to share pictures and stay connected with our peers during a time of isolation, keeping our workforce together
  • Communication from Benefits team: Messaging focused on our suite of benefits available to Hunt employees including, Employee Assistance Plan (EAP), our Health Advocate service, Nurse line, Medical Insurance advisors as well as best practices for coping with our changing environment
  • Training sessions focused on Managing Remotely
Hunt COVID Tracing and Tracking process allowed us to manage individual cases discretely and effectively, enabling us to isolate and control the spread of infection.
  • Created guidelines pertaining to the rapid response to potential infections and how/when to quarantine
  • Modified our Paid-Time-Off policy to address employees who contracted COVID-19
  • Established Health and Safety screening for essential employees that must return to the office. A user-friendly app provides a Return to Work Questionnaire that must be filled out each day before traveling to the office
  • Required employees returning to the office to monitor and self-report their symptoms, including body temperature, every morning before they arrive. Personal thermometers were distributed to all employees early in the pandemic
  • Updated Business Travel Guidelines with detailed COVID protocol, and emphasized eliminating travel where possible or otherwise quarantining following a business trip