Lobby of Hunt Campus in Dallas, Texas

Hunt is driven by our Purpose to Impact Humanity for the Better, with Energy.

To fulfill that Purpose, our corporate governance and direction start with a deep commitment to our Core Values and a very simple fact – that we are a privately-held, family-owned group of companies. As such, we have a long-term world view that is fundamentally different from those whose primary focus is on short-term financial and performance metrics. We judge our actions based upon how they can positively affect the next generation, not the next fiscal quarter. It is this philosophy that permeates our corporate leadership and our integrated management systems and that drives us to ensure the continued safety of everyone we touch as we do our part to supply energy to the world.


As a multigenerational company with over 88 years of operations, Hunt has grown and evolved to serve its communities. Today, the Hunt Family and leadership team recognize and embrace our responsibility as an energy producer to maintain efficient operations and to find new ways to provide energy sources that meet both the current and future needs of society.

Our Management System

Our Management System (MS) is foundational for the Company, influencing how we operate around the world. MS is our system for mitigating risk and guides the way we operate every day.


Our global security efforts at Hunt seek to protect the human rights of our employees, partners, and communities by promoting resilience to security threats and/or potential attacks on both a physical and digital landscape.

Supply Chain

As a global company, we conduct our business operations with a diversity of suppliers, who provide a wide range of goods and services from all corners of the world. We recognize the importance of the supply chain and its impact on the global economy, and we take responsibility for our role in it.