Our global security efforts at Hunt seek to protect the human rights of our employees, partners, and communities by promoting resilience to security threats and/or attacks on both a physical and digital landscape

Hunt Global Security team in Dallas, Texas

As part of our ongoing security program, Hunt’s Emergency and Business Continuity Plan enables the early identification and management of possible risks and associated emergency events. The methodical approach provides the governance structures, processes, resources, training, and performance monitoring methodologies needed to prevent, prepare, and respond to all possible emergency situations.

Our Security Strategy

Security Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are conducted by our global security team through an all-hazards, scenario-based approach that is endorsed by the American Petroleum Institute. Accordingly, in risk assessments, we determine potential for human rights abuses in our areas of operations; and we ensure our private security sub-contractors conduct themselves in a manner consistent with respect for human rights.

Response Plans and SOPs

Response plans and standard operating procedures (SOPs) are essential risk mitigation measures. Response plans are tailored to each location to address the “worst case, most likely” risk scenarios. Natural disasters are also considered in response plans.

Security Training and Human Rights

All Hunt overseas locations provide a security brief upon arrival for personnel. Based on risk assessment recommendations, additional forms of training may be provided.

Our security teams have Security Industry board-level qualifications from American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS Certified Protection Professional) and International Security Management Institute (ISMI Certified Security Management Professional).

Cyber Security

The last decade has seen a tremendous shift in the technology landscape. Through the adoption of technologies such as cloud and mobile, Hunt has optimized the environment to drive significant efficiencies while managing new risks in the area of Cybersecurity.

As a critical focus for Hunt Energy, the Cybersecurity team works closely with industry professionals, government agencies and peers in the oil and gas industry through the API and ONG-ISAC. These invaluable partnerships provide tremendous insight and understanding of the risks posed by the current and emerging technologies.

Based on internationally recognized frameworks, such as the National Institute of Standards and Technologies’ (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework, and ISO frameworks on Security and Privacy, Hunt has implemented its own comprehensive cybersecurity program. The team frequently evaluates and enhances processes, procedures, and technologies to better detect, protect, and respond to cyber threats of all kinds. This includes a comprehensive security awareness training program to educate and empower all employees in the fight against Cybercrime.