At Hunt, we believe that the Company can only achieve its goals and aspirations if our people can achieve theirs

Product terminal in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

We take great pride in the exceptional individuals who are part of the organization and strive to help each team member achieve their full potential and career goals.

The breadth and depth of projects, locations, and roles across our operations offer numerous growth and development opportunities throughout the career of our employees, which we supplement with a variety of internal training and coaching programs accessible around the world.

In 2021, some of our training and coaching programs for employees included:

Courses Conducted Company-wide

In 2021, 40 courses were conducted across the Company and centered around the following themes:

  • Managing Priorities
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Generations in the Workplace
  • Creating a Learning Mindset
  • Habit of Coaching
  • Creating a Highly Engaged Team
  • Essentials of Communication & Collaboration
  • Health and Wellness
  • Management Fundamentals
  • Conducting Effective Meetings
  • How to Build Resilience During Difficult Times
  • How to Give Feedback
  • How to Get Results Through Influencing Others
Leaders Were Trained

A total of 443 employees participated in professional and leadership development courses throughout the year in North America.

In 2021 the main competencies of focus included teamwork, talking ownership and creativity. The classes taught to behaviors such as building partnerships within teams and across the organization, fostering a climate of inclusion, prioritizing and executing on goals, demonstrating a learning mindset, and establishing trust. In addition to virtual classroom sessions, 25 leaders were provided coaching and one on one training to enhance their skills and create development plans.

Peruvian Leaders participated in the program “Transforming the Leadership Style”

In Peru in 2021, we commenced a new program for Leaders called “Transforming the Leadership Style.” The program trains leaders in Hunt’s Corporate Values and our new Leader Profile, which incorporates sessions on the Importance of Trust and Collaborative Work and Error Management among other topics. A byproduct of this leadership program has been identifying tools for leaders to determine areas of self-improvement.

Health, Safety & Environment Training

  • Monthly safety meetings held for district groups either in-person or online that included safety topics such as: fire prevention, hazard communication, heat stress, incident investigation, etc.
  • Full-scale Emergency Response training involving multiple companies
  • Third-party safety training for First Aid/CPR certification of applicable workers
  • Online Safety training with a tiered company training matrix for all North America employees
Hours of employee training in South America
  • Technical development: Courses involving safety and operational-critical equipment, refreshers training, and specialized training on turbo compressors and other critical courses were delivered to our frontline employees both in-person and virtually
  • Leadership development: Centered around promoting soft skills representative of our Culture and Core Values (i.e. dynamic and innovative, respectful, and community-centered)
  • Human Factor program training: Managers and employees received training on the performance-shaping factors and conditions that can lead to a human error
Hours of employee training in the Middle East
  • Technical development: Online and on-the-job training for Plant Operators, Maintenance Technicians, Production Engineers, Lease Operators, and Lab Technicians
  • Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) training: H2S awareness and safety orientation. Adequate safety training helps our employees understand the various hazards related to their job and provides them with the tools they need to identify and safeguard against those hazards.
Managers trained in North America
Topics included:

  • Giving Effective Feedback
  • Coaching
  • Creating a Highly Engaged Team
  • Stepping into the Role of a Manager
  • Delegation
  • Conducting 1:1 Meetings
Hours of employee training in Romania
Topics included:

  • Giving effective feedback
  • Building a habit of coaching
  • Creating a highly engaged team
  • Generation in the workplace
  • Empowering your performance
  • Setting Priorities to Achieve Goals
  • Technical development: AVO Reflectivity, Pre-stack Inversion and Quantitative Seismic Interpretation, Charge Access – The Final Frontier in Petroleum Geoscience, Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy for Exploration and Production, The Application of Reservoir Geology through the Exploration and Production Life Cycle, Carbonate Depositional Systems: Reservoir Sedimentology and Diagenesis

Our supervisors have the opportunity to mentor Hunt Interns throughout the course of their internship, providing guidance, expertise, and industry knowledge through an intentional mentorship program.

We offer rotational, short, and long-term international assignments to employees for a variety of reasons that benefit both the employee and the Company. International Assignments provide our employees with the opportunity for personal and professional development, allowing them to advance their careers and skills, and develop networks that may not be available in their home country.

International assignments also provide the Company with the opportunity to fill critical roles, transfer organizational knowledge and culture to a new or foreign office location, and develop key relationships with the local workforce.

In 2021, we continued and supported international assignments in Peru, Romania, and Iraq.

Online courses available

In our Online Learning Center, over a thousand on-demand courses, books, videos, and job aids are available to employees to enhance knowledge of Business Skills, Leadership Development, IT Skills, and Certification Preparation.

We encourage continued education and appreciate the value it can add to our extended team members’ career development. Our Educational Assistance Policy provides employees with the opportunity to supplement their job experience with additional education in particular business-related fields. The Company reimburses participating employees for all tuition, labs, and books upon successful completion of the course.

Upon employment, each new hire is partnered with an existing team member to serve as a support resource for ease of transition into the organization. The Ambassador program provides new hires with access to the knowledge and guidance of an experienced employee while they acclimate to Company culture, eliminating obstacles new hires may encounter and helping them to become more productive and comfortable in their jobs as quickly as possible.

*Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the program has been temporarily suspended and is expected to resume post pandemic.