Hunt has evolved from its inception in 1934, but has always remained a privately held, family-owned group of companies

“The energy industry is in a fascinating moment in time because it is undergoing so much change. As both the industry and humanity continue to evolve, we firmly believe that we can positively impact both in a very meaningful way.”

Hunter HuntCEO, Hunt Energy

Each subsidiary is managed by its own leadership team, but remains aligned with our Core Values and corporate philosophies. This group of leaders provides guidance on the specific business needs, participates in the development of strategic and business planning, and is responsible for overall corporate performance.

What Makes Up Hunt?

Executive Direction

Despite their individual fields of expertise and their roles within different subsets of the industry, the senior executive team works collaboratively, ensuring the decision-making process is comprehensive, well-informed, and balanced.

Hunt leadership regularly participates in industry forums conferences and training programs to enhance their establishment of strategic priorities, manage risks, develop teams, and keep up with the constantly changing trends of their specific sector.  The leadership team is focused on constantly building on their industry knowledge, leadership capacity, and business acumen.