Rainforest near Madre de Dios, Peru

We take pride in our role as a responsible energy provider throughout the world. Protecting air, water, land, and wildlife improves the overall quality of life for all who live and work in the communities where we operate. Our commitment to caring for the planet is focused on ensuring the responsible use of resources, reducing carbon emissions, and preserving biodiversity and ecosystem services.

“Humans are impacting the global environment. Energy companies must play a more proactive role and be better stewards if our children and grandchildren are going to enjoy the same sense of nature that we have.”

Hunter HuntCEO, Hunt Energy

Sustainable Operations

We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact through strategic design and innovative solutions throughout the life cycle of our operations.

Emissions Management

Emissions management is a key priority for us and our stakeholders. We actively identify methods to reduce our emissions through the design, construction, and maintenance of our facilities, and continuously pursue carbon offset and sequestration opportunities.

Protecting Biodiversity

We integrate the protection of biodiversity across the life cycle of our operations because it is critical to sustainable development.


We are proud of our history as an oil and gas company, and we also embrace the direction of our world and its energy needs today. Our diverse portfolio of energy investments demonstrates our commitment to providing energy to communities on a global scale from a variety of traditional and renewable energy sources. We are here to serve.

Solar Power

Perovskite Solar Cells (PSCs) have been widely touted as the future of photovoltaics, the process of generating electricity from sunlight. Learn more about how Hunt Perovskite Technologies (HPT), founded in 2013, is leading the way in PSCs research and development.

Wind Power

Whether we are installing a wind farm in Costa Rica, or supporting our regulated utility as it constructs over 300 miles of transmission lines in the Texas Panhandle and South Plains as part of the state’s Competitive Renewable Energy Zone process, Hunt has supported the development of wind power generation and the infrastructure necessary to bring that energy to market since its entrance into Costa Rica in 2012.

Battery Storage

With the increasing availability of renewable power through advances in solar and wind generation technologies, the Hunt Energy Network (HEN), a Hunt company, leverages the use of battery storage to enhance reliability of these renewable energy options for consumers.